Fresh, Organic Eggs from Ponderosa Farm in the Southern Highlands


The Farm

Ponderosa is a 120 acre property located on Wombeyan Caves Road, close to Mittagong. The Yazbek Family purchased the property in 2014 and are investing in the set up of a commercial mixed organic farm which includes a 250 fruit and nut tree orchard, a 100 tree olive grove, a 1 acre market garden, a flock of 130 laying hens and a diverse pastured animal operation to involve cattle and goats. Ponderosa is an organic farm, as yet uncertified, but with ecological practices deeply embedded within their actions and philosophies. 
























The Owners

For the past 2 years, they have been based in British Columbia, Canada where they managed a large, commercial Organic market garden. In January 2015 they were asked to take on the set up and management of all agricultural systems at Ponderosa. 

Committed and passionate about natural systems farming and knowing no other way of agrigulture, the owners believe in transparency and encourage people to ask questions about their food and farmers. 


Working respectfully on the land, fertilizing the earth with ideas and actions on improving the health of the soil, of the animals and of the plants and people, the owners of Ponderosa are passionate land stewards and are growing "beyond organic" practices of farming.


















The Chickens

A flock on hens that are a mix of Leg Horn, Australorp and Rhode Island Reds. With portable fencing, the chickens are moved onto new pasture every week. Their pasture diet is supplemented with a certified Organic grain mix.


With this system, not only the health of the birds, but the health of the soil and pastures are being maintained and improved. The owners socialize with the birds and value them as an integral part of our dynamic farming systems. 


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