Work Hub

The Glass Cafe not only offers a place to eat with friends, but we have created a hub to work and have meetings. WiFi is available and free to use and a high quality printer and photocopier is located inside the cafe for any one to use at a small price


Events & Private Functions

The Glass Cafe also offers a space to host your next event, big or small, for any occasion.



Contact us to cater for your next event.



"I was greeted as I walked in by a friendly and familiar face that I recognised from another local cafe quite a while ago (and wondered where he'd gone to), gave my coffee order as I found my friend I was meeting and took a seat on the comfy lounges in the corner. Our Botanica coffees arrived quickly while we looked over the menu (short, simple but full of tasty options with just enough variety to keep it interesting but not scare us off).

My friend chose the mushroom arancini while I opted for the 'build your own burger' using a handy little DIY form to pick my fillings of grilled chicken, salads and sauces on multigrain bread (I wasn't adventurous enough to try the alpaca burger despite encouragement from our waiter). Both meals came with a small, lightly dressed side salad and just the right amount of crunchy hot chips. 

In our excitement to have a child free catch up I totally forgot to check if there were any accessible facilities or a change table - but I'm sure to be back, (and possibly take advantage of the free wifi and printer facilities in the work hub area) so will be sure to look next time. "


- Southern Highlands Living


Glass Cafe 84 Main Street Mittagong NSW 2575 

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